Ms. Sindu Anand

WISE Indian Academy, Ajman

Life today is based on technology. But no one remembers Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Marie Curie, Marconi, Archimedes and numerous others like them. And who are they ? They are the ones who gave all the knowledge and principles on which the technology of today is based on.

A child in a mathematics class finds it difficult without a calculator and he/she has no time to read a book to find an answer but would rather do a google search.

Those scientists who lived years ago did not have any modern convenience but relied on their observation, logical thinking, repeated trials and efforts to arrive at conclusions.

We at Wise Indian Academy will be trying our best to make the children to be creative, original and logical thinkers.. We cannot do this alone and require the assistance of parents. Parents should encourage children to read books of their level, give them colours and paper so that they can draw and paint.

You will see it from the first day as we have put in a lot of effort to make sure the children enjoy the experience of learning and will be happy to come to school every day.

Wise Indian Academy is a school with a personal touch. Each and every child in the school will receive personal attention from us. I will be evaluating the performance of students in all grades from KG I to Grade VI on a weekly basis.

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